Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Until recently, the health practices of the Taoists were unknown in the west. This was due to the fact that many of the teachings of the Taoist Masters kept their teachings secret and they were not available even to the general Chinese public. But now, much of the teachings have come into the open as true Tao Masters have begun teaching in the west. The Tao Masters believe that through the process of Taoist Internal Alchemy, it is possible to develop an immortal spirit that exists independently from the physical body.
The Taoist techniques involve a three pronged approach:
  1. Regulating the breath.
  2. Regulating the mind.
  3. Regulating the body.

Thus the Taoist practices are an integration of Mental, Physical and Breathing exercises. This is necessary to build a firm foundation to practice the Art of Tao.

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Admin said...

Very similar belief to many forms of yoga, focus on structure and breathing. I practice Prasara yoga, a new form of modern yoga. It adds movement between poses for dynamic flow. This article does a great job of explaining it: Prasara Yoga Introduction.